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This section is dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Battle by Games Workshop. I hope to add a picture gallery of my miniatures soon along with an awesome battle report.

Army Builder

This is a fantastic program for putting together WHFB armies. It is designed to be used with many wargames systems via data files that hold all the information about that system. The program is sold without the data file so as to avoid copyright problems. These files can then be created by the user for their own use. Don't panic, there are quite a few clubs that you can join online, for free, that will make the files that they have created available to you.

I have found that many people I have met on the internet look down thier noses at using such a program. I do not understand why this should be so as I think the fun in the hobby is painting the figures and playing the game. Selecting the armies is awkward and time consuming. I say let Army Builder do the hard work for you.

Army Builder Homepage

Circle of Blood

I have designed some conversion rules to allow you to Wood Eles in the place of Bretonnians for the four scenarios. Just follow the link:-

Circle of Blood - Conversion

My Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40k Figures

My Miniatures

My Miniatures

I've got two armies - Wood Elves and Undead - Both are Awesome!