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Date 1st Met Name Narrative
Uktar 24, 1371 Malastar This hunter operates out of Liam's Hold. When scouting for the Daggerford Militia the party asked him for information. Some days later the party hired him to take then to some ruins in the Misty Forest, Ruins that he has taken Delfen Yellowknife and his companions to 20 years earlier.
Uktar 24, 1371 Binn Innkeeper of The Holdfast Inn in Liam's Hold. Although friendly to the party he will need strong persuasion to allow Scaramon to entertain his clients with stories again after an appalling performance that caused him to have to close the bar early when his patrons went home!.
Uktar 25, 1371 Rattar Innkeeper of The Bowshot Inn in Bowshot, an inn of dubious quality.
Uktar 25, 1371 Dauravyn Redbeard Innkeeper of The Way Inn and Townmaster of the town with the same name. On the Feast of the Moon 1371, Scaramon tried to regale patrons with his tales but the performance was so bad another bard had to usher him off and rescue the crowd. Dauravyn will under no circumstances let Scaramon attempt to perform in his Inn again.
Uktar 25, 1371 Meldar Farwander Independent trader who operates between Amn and Waterdeep. Hired the party in The Way Inn to act as caravan guards for the last leg of his journey as far as Daggerford. Daughter's name is Delora Sharpeye
Uktar 30, 1371 Pharatar A Caravan Master of the Thousandheads Trading Coster that operate between Cormyr and the Sword Coast.
Nightal 3, 1371 Meneldûr Wood, (Copper) Elf who patrols the Misty Forest. Met with his companions Runarân and Fin-galthor
Nightal 6, 1371 Alginael Paladin of Helm, and officer in charge of the shrine to Helm in Dragonspear Castle. The Party arrived at the Dragonspear Castle shrine just in time to avert disaster and Alginael holds them in high esteeme.
Nightal 6, 1371 Thuram Cleric of Helm, and senior Cleric of Helm at the shrine to Helm in Dragonspear Castle. At Alginael's request he gave the party two Potions of Healing, for their deeds in saving the shrine from disaster.
Nightal 12, 1371 Eriel Barmaid at the "Softwalls" Tavern in Boareskyr Bridge. During the evening she became very ill and if she had drunk poison. The sourceof the contamination was not found.
Nightal 12, 1371 Ranas Halfling Bard found performing at the "Softwalls" Tavern in Boareskyr Bridge. He chatted with the party and gave them some information about the area.
Nightal 16, 1371 Taran & Mirval Halfling Husband & Wife farmers in The Fields of the Dead. The Party saved them from death at the hands of the Netherese who were camped at the Scorpian Hill Tower situated on the farmer's land.
Nightal 16, 1371 Baurrod & Ciriel Guards hired by the Netherese in Soubar to accompany them to Scorpian Hill in The Fields of the Dead. They were victims of a Sleep spell cast by Scaramon during the battle with the Netherese at Scorpian Hill. After questioning they were allowed to go free back to Soubar, a mercy for which they were very grateful.
Nightal 21, 1371 Lieutenant Bordel Member of the Flaming Fist mercenary company met on patrol on the North road into Baldur's Gate. Mentioned that he was from a training camp run by Captain Rastapopulous
Nightal 21, 1371 Quincy, Cleric of Helm Runs the Shrine to Helm, "The Watchfull Shield", in Baldur's Gate that is currently being renovated and expanded into a full Temple. He is very officious and was unhappy about the Party wishing to alter arangements with him over the healing of Scaramon.
Nightal 21, 1371 Blind Pete A regular of The Blushing Mermaid in Baldurs Gate. Despite having never been to sea he knows all the goings on in the port and can be pursuaded to let slip any information for the right jingle of gold pieces. Oddly he is not actually blind and has been given that title due to his inability to see inducements that are not of sufficent value.
Nightal 21, 1371 Captain Orodan Captain of the Starspray, a 100ft Cargo Carvel based in Baldur's Gate
Nightal 21, 1371 Adangil Navigator abord the Starspray, a 100ft Cargo Carvel based in Baldur's Gate
Freelance Thief
Grand Duke Eltan
Grand Duke