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Name Description
Map 1 (663kb) Map of the Western Heartlands, given to the PC's by Delfen Yellowknife of Daggerford. (.pdf file)
Character Sheet (81.9kb) The official WotC character sheet. (.pdf file)
Map 3 (108kb) Map of the Ruins of Dragonspear Castle. (.gif file)
Map 1a (264kb) Map 1, but showing the party's position on Nightal 8, 1371, and showing the known "fey" lines. (.jpg file)
NPC Journal (26kb) Extracts from the Journal of Salan, Netherese Cleric of Shar. Discovered at the Netherese camp of Scorpian Hill in The Fields of the Dead. (.pdf file)
Map 1b (293kb) showing the full pentagram as seen in the tower at the Sahuagin Trident (.jpg file)
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