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Session No.
March 2002
As members of the Daggerford Militia, the Party are sent to aid Barron van Larsen, whose estate has been attacked by lizardmen from nearby Lizard Marsh. The Party wind up at an ancient tower deep in Lizard Marsh.

Session Quote: "It's a religious thing" Therrion referring to his double handed sword.
March 2002
The Party continue to search the Tower in Lizard Marsh and "activate" it, causing two strange beams of blue light shine out from the Tower.

Session Quote: "Was that good?" - Scaramon, looking worried after he just touched the strange blue magic light and released a soft wave of energy that rippled around the room.
March 2002
Another Militia mission to scout the road south as far as The Way Inn interupts the Party's plans to further investigate the Lizard Marsh Tower.

Session Quote: "Aren't you going to tell Carandel" - Scaramon to Elrad, "He doesn't need to know" - Elrad referring to the 8 orcs he has just seen.
March 2002
Returning from The Way Inn, the Party are beset by a group of Orc's in an evening attack.

Session Quote: "We don't have to actually lie" - Therrion whilst trying to justify getting free accomodation under the mistaken belief that they are still working for the Daggerford militia.
March 2002
The Party leave Daggerford, pick up a guide and make for the ruins in the Misty Forest that Delfen has told them about.

Session Quote:""
April 7, 2002
The Party finish searching the Netherese fort ruins and make their way back to the camp in the Misty Forest where Malastar is waiting.

Session Quote:"HELP HELP Guys, Spiders!" - Elrad, self explanatory.
April 21, 2002
The Party travel South on The Trade Way, stopping briefly at Dragonspear Castle to help the Paladins of Helm.

Session Quote:"Praise be to Helm, Err I mean Torm for your timely arrival" - DM cock-up!
May 5, 2002
The Party continue to travel South on The Trade Way, choosing to detour via Boareskyr Bridge.

Session Quote:"I'm better with animals" - Carandel to a flirty barmaid after she kisses him.
May 19, 2002
The Party assault the Netherese camp and rescue two halfling prisoners.

Session Quote: "I got distracted by the gloves" - Therrion explains why he was not busy helping two elderly halflings that had been tortured by the bad guys.
June 16, 2002
The Party return to the Netherese camp and investigate the Tomb.

Session Quote: "Why don't you check for traps?" repeat 100 times - Everyone at somepoint to the reluctant Elrad.
July 4, 2002
The Party travel to Baldur's Gate, have Scaramon cured of Mummy Rot and hire a ship.

Session Quote: "it'll cost 700gps" - Capain Orodan of the Starspray "That's a lot, we don't have that much money at the moment" - Carandel "Yes we do!" - Elrad - During sensitive discussions over the cost of chartering a ship.
July 28, 2002
The Party set sail for The Sahuagin Trident

Session Quote: "There are two levers I can move. One will open the door, the other one will kill us" - Scaramon "Sounds reasonable" - Therrion
September 8, 2002
The Party continue to explore the complex hidden in the Sahuagin Trident

Session Quote: "Is there such a thing as Ice Spiders?!" - Elrad "Yes" - Scaramon, said convincingly
September 22, 2002
The Party escape from the Sahuagin Trident and weather a terrible storm that deposits them near a small group of islands where they put ashore for repairs.

Session Quote: "" -
October 13, 2002
The Party sail quietly away from the Islands known as the Sahuagin Heel and back to Baldur's Gate

Session Quote: "" -
November 3, 2002
The Party travel by magic portal to The High Moor only to discover that the Tear Key has been stolen!

Session Quote: "I'll carry the horses" - Scaramon, referring to the Party's horses that had been polymorphed in to mice for ease of travelling through a portal.
November 17, 2002
The Party make their way across The High Moor towards the Misty Forest, pursued by Dire Wolves.

Session Quote: "" - .
December 7, 2002
The Party meet a new friend and travel in the Misty Forest to the Forge to explore it.

Session Quote: "I don't know any magic" - Therrion, (a cleric), "So what's all that stuff you do with your hands then?" - Elrad, said while confused!.
January 26, 2003

The Party finish exploring the forge and come close to an encounter with a demonic creature.

Session Quote: "It was broken when I got there" - Carandel, after destroying a magical control panel through the wild pulling and pushing of all the levers.

May 11, 2003

The Party travel on the Flying Manta Ray device across the High Moor in search of the Eastern Tower.

Session Quote: "I think I'm blind!" - Carandel, after failing the third spot check by rolling another "1".

July 6, 2003

The Party travel on the Flying Manta Ray device in search of the new Netherese Tower.

Session Quote: "That's good, it means there's no one there!" - Elrad, commenting on the legend, "Hall of our Shame" above a sealed door in a dark crypt!

July 27, 2003

The second tower is assulted but it is too late and the Party learn the portal to Hell has been opened!

Session Quote: "That's good, it means there's no one there!" - Elrad, commenting on the legend, "Hall of our Shame" above a sealed door in a dark crypt!

November 2, 2003

The Party reach the Forge again where they are ambushed by Baatezu and meet with "Almo"

Session Quote: "Roll 1's" - DM, mystic curse on Elrad and it worked!

November 30, 2003

The Party enter the Forge and explore the gateway to hell itself!

Session Quote: "I know I've said it before ... " - Julian, preparing to complain, (again), about the critical hit system.