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Summary of Additional Feats Available

Feat Name [src] Prerequisite Description
Arcane Preparation [FRCS] Able to cast arcane spells as a Bard or Sorcerer Can prepare one or more arcane spells ahead of time as a Wizard does.
Arcane Schooling [FRCS] Must be 1st level. (Regions: Chessenta, Halruaa, Lantan, Mulhorland, Unther). Choose one arcane spellcasting class and avoid multi-classing xp penalties. (PHB 3.0 p58 / 3.5 p60)
Artist [FRCS] None. (Regions: Chessenta, Evermeet, Waterdeep, Rock Gnome). Choose a specific artistic skill, (i.e. painting, sculpting, calligraphy), and gain +2 on all Perform checks involving the chosen skill.
Attune Gem [MoF]
Augument Summoning [MoF]
Blooded [FRCS] None. (Regions: Dalelands, Nelanther Isles, Sembia, Silverymoon, Tethyr, Vaasa). +2 bonus on Initiative and Spot checks.
Bloodline of Fire [FRCS] Must be 1st level. (Region: Calimshan) +4 saves versus fire effects. Additional +2 to the DC of any sorcerer spells with the fire descriptior that you cast.
Bullheaded [FRCS] None. (Regions: Damara, Dragon Coast, The Great Dale, Moonshaes, Narfell, Nelanther Isles, Rashmen, Vaasa, Western Heartlands, Gold Dwarf, Grey Dwarf, Shield Dwarf) +1 bonus on Will saves and +2 bonus on Intimidate checks.
Cosmopolitan [FRCS] None. (Regions: Amn, Waterdeep). Choose a non-class skill and it is treated as a Class skill with a +2 bonus. May take multiple times for different skills.
Courteous Magocracy [FRCS] None. (Region: Evermeet, Halruaa). +2 Bonus on all Diplomacy and Spellcraft checks.
Create Portal [FRCS]
Daylight Adaptation [FRCS]
Delay Spell [FRCS]
Discipline [FRCS] +1 on Will saves and +2 on Concentration checks
Education [FRCS]
Energy Substitution [MoF]
Eshew Materials [MoF]
Ethran [FRCS] Region: Rashemen +2 on Animal Empathy and Intuit Direction. +2 on and Charisma based skill checks when dealing with other Rashemi. Must remain in good standing with Witches of Rashemen.
Foe Hunter [FRCS]
Forester [FRCS] Region: Chondalwood, Dalelands, The Great Dale, The High Forest, Ghostwise Halfling, Moon Elf, Wild Elf, Wood Elf. +2 on all Heal and Wilderness Law checks.
Greater Spell Focus [FRCS]
Greater Spell Penetration [FRCS]
Horse Nomad [FRCS]
Improved Counterspell [FRCS]
Improved Familiar [FRCS]
Innate Spell [FRCS]
Inscribe Rune [FRCS] Int 13+, Appropriate Craft Skill, Divine spellcaster level 3+
Insidious Magic [FRCS]
Luck of Heros [FRCS]
Magical Artisan [FRCS]
Magical Training [FRCS]
Mercantile Background [FRCS]
Militia [FRCS]
Mind over Body [FRCS]
Pernicious Magic [FRCS]
Persistent Spell [FRCS]
Reactive Counterspell [MoF]
Resist Poison [FRCS] Regions: Grey Dwarf, Half-Orc, Orc. +4 Fort save against poison
Saddleback [FRCS] +3 on all Ride skill checks
Shadow Weave Magic [FRCS]
Signature Spell [FRCS]
Silver Palm [FRCS]
Smooth Talk [FRCS]
Snake Blood [FRCS]
Spell Girding [MoF]
Spell Thematics [MoF]
Spellcasting Prodigy [FRCS]
Spellfire Wielder [MoF]
Stealthy [FRCS]
Street Smart [FRCS]
Strong Soul [FRCS]
Survivor [FRCS]
Tattoo Focus [FRCS]
Tenacious Magic [FRCS]
Thug [FRCS]
Treetopper [FRCS]
Twin Spell [FRCS]
Twin Sword Style [FRCS] Two-Weapon Fighting, Regions; Sembia, Waterdeep, Drow Elf.
Widen Spell [MoF]

FRCS = Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
MoF = Magic of Faerûn