Ssendam's Dungeons & Dragons Scenario Reviews

Below is a list of Adventures I own stretching from about 1983 to date. Broadly speaking they are in two sections, the first being older Basic or AD&D adventures. I have DM'd all of these and have a lot more I wish to add, although some of the older ones I wish to add are un-played. The second section is of 3rd ed. D&D modules, and are for the most part un-played, but fairly up to date. I have tried for the most part not to make the reviews spoilers, however you should consider them minor spoilers to be on the safe side.

I accept reviews from anyone and will add any additional comments to existing reviews if they add information, (even if they disagree with me), so please submit your reviews to me and let this page grow.

"Classic" Scenario Reviews
Scenario NameSystemPublication YearPublisher
The Lair of Maldred the MightyAD&D1983Games Workshop
The Search for the Temple of the Golden SpireAD&D1983Games Workshop
The AwakeningAD&D1986GamesMaster Publications
In Search of New GodsAD&D1986GamesMaster Publications
All That Glitters ...AD&D1984TSR
Desert of DesolationAD&D1987TSR
The Rising TowerAD&D1983Beast Enterprises
The Halls of Tizun ThaneAD&D1983Games Workshop
X2 - Castle Amber (Chateau d' Amberville)Basic D&D1981TSR
Star of DarknessAD&D1983Games Workshop
The Crystal KeysAD&D1983Beast Enterprises
Burran Moor / The Darkling Stone / Marasmus RedivivusAD&D1986Beast Enterprises
The Complete Dungeon Master SeriesAD&D1984Integrated Games
X4-5 The Desert Nomad SeriesBasic D&D1983TSR
N5 Under Illefarn AD&D1987TSR
A1-4 Scourge of the Slave Lords AD&D1986TSR

3rd ed. D&D Scenario Reviews
Scenario NamePublisherPublication DateCost
The Sunless Citadel WotC£6.99
Death in Freeport Green Ronin Publishing£4.99
Three Days to Kill Atlas GamesAugust 2000£5.95
The Forge of Fury WotC£6.99
Thieves in the Forest Atlas GamesNovember 2000£5.95
The Horror Beneath Nightshift Games£6.50
The Speaker in Dreams WotC£6.99
In the Belly of the Beast Atlas GamesJanuary 2001£5.95
Madness in Freeport Green Ronin PublishingMarch 2001£7.99
The Standing Stone WotCMarch 2001£6.99
L1 - Demons and Devils Necromancer GamesApril 2001£5.99

Writer's Guidelines

Please follow the format of review that I use when making a submission but include extra headings if required. If you want to submit the HTML page then just e-mail it to me but no graphics (except cover shots if you have a scanner, as they take up too much space in the long run). I will include a link on your site if requested. All review authors must accept that their e-mail address will be included in the review next to their name. I am looking at reviews of any D&D scenario of any edition of D&D. Keep an eye on these guidelines they are subject to change.

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