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The Halls of Tizun Thane

Author : Albie Fiore
Publishing Details : The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios (Pub. 1980)
Levels / Number : 6-12 characters of 1st-2nd Level
Synopsis of Plot : The PC's arrive in a small village to find the inhabitants living in terror from the nightly visits of "Night Things". All the houses have heavy shutters on to protect them. After talking to the villagers the PC's will discover that the "Night Things" started to appear shortly after a local Magic User stopped visiting the village. Putting 1 and 1 together to make 3 (as adventurers always do !) the PC's set out for the MU's stronghold.
Good Points : Good distraction adventure that is easy for a party of good PC's to become involved in. There is a room of magic transportation mirrors that can be used as a springboard for other adventures.
Bad Points : While the maps of the Halls were very good and quite large there were a lot of rooms with no interest.
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star
Reviewed by :Justin -
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007