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I3-5 : Desert of Desolation

Author : Original Design : Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman, Philip Mayers. Revision : Peter Rice Wm. John Wheeler
Publishing Details : TSR Module I3-5
Levels / Number : 6 to 8 characters of 5th-10th Level
Blurb : See below, back cover of module missing. Please can anyone help?
Synopsis of Plot : Wow ! Where to begin? This is an epic adventure. A very powerful wizard, (Martek), saves his land from a powerful Efreet by imprisoning the Efreet. Knowing that the creature will escape one day he provides for the event by arranging that he is brought back to life when the Efreet escapes so that he may once again save the land. The PC's are forced to follow a prophecy that will resurrect Martek.

I feel I must add at this point that the adventure starts with the PC's being put into a tight spot where the only means of escape is to use 5 gold cubes with strange markings on, (found early in scene one). The cube create a portal through which the players escape. I don't want to give too much away but I made the cubes, the scroll case and the scroll that was in the case, as a player handout ... awesome!

This is a large adventure, being the combination of 3 earlier modules with extra details added. The feel of the adventure is one of ancient Egypt with the PC's encountering amongst other things, ruins in the sand, desert tribesmen styled on arabs, a Pyramid, temple and crypt. There are many puzzels to solve as well as oportunities for role playing with the locals. For a DM, the action takes place over such a wide area the with modification you can easily add more.

On the negative side the PC's are following a tight storyline and must move between encounters in a rigid order. Also I found that some parts were a bit on the cheesy side and I made modifications to avoid or change them.
Good Points : Epic. This adventure takes place over a wide area but is essentially a set of fun action packed and thought provoking dungeons. It was very well put together when the 3 individual modules were combined into one.
Bad Points : I personally find some aspects a bit cheesy and had to make a few alterations. (Only 1 or 2 mind.)
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star
Other Notes : MY COPY IS DAMAGED !!!!! When I lent the module to a friend many moons ago it was returned with the map booklet missing and page 123 to the back cover torn off and lost ! I was kindly sent the map booklet and missing pages recently by Andreas Peters, (cheers dude!), but I am still missing the big campaign fold-out map. Please please please if anyone can assist contact me :~(.
Reviewed by :Justin :
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007