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In Search of New Gods

Author : Paul Cockburn
Publishing Details : GamesMaster Publications 3 - In Search of New Gods
Levels / Number :Up to 8 characters of 4th-7th Level
Blurb : You've earned quite a reputation as fearless adventurers, the sort who take on anything. but what happens when you come face-to-face with the challenge that bested the greatest adventurer in the whole Kingdom? Can you succeed where Feyr-Panniras failed? Can you find what has turned his friends against the Kingdom? And, more than anything, can you survive against the power of the New Gods?
The Adventure :Feyr-Panniras, a powerful cleric of the Sun God, and his party of adventurers travelled into the neighbouring kingdom of the Priest Kings where the population worship gods of emotions. In this land he found a harsh government and enforced state religion. He also found that many people sought to return to the ways of the old gods like the Sun God, and converted many people to the true way. These actions in turn angered the Priest-Kings who pursued Feyr-Panniras. Eventually while he tried to sneak into the palace of the Priest Kings Feyr-Panniras and his companions where captured and imprisoned.

The companions thinking that soon they would be duly executed where surprised when Feyr-Panniras came to them and said that the Priest kings would let them go if they repaired the damage they had done. The group set out shortly afterwards and made people renounce the Sky God to which they had converted. They were then escorted to the border, given their belongings and allowed to leave. Feyr-Panniras fell ill on the journey home and began to die of a strange illness that his friends could not cure. On this death bed he asked each one of his friend to convert to the New Gods and spread the word. Such was their admiration and devotion to him that all bar one, (a druid called Oakshield), converted on the spot.
Review :

This is a magazine/adventure, that's to say 90% of the work is the adventure and the other 10% is set aside for typical RPG magazine contents, but relevant to the adventure. In this you get; An article called "Defender's of the Faith" about the motivation of clerics (6pages), a mini-adventure "The Moment of Truth" (5 pages), details of the town of Tirhalter which forms part of Gamesmaster Publications' Pelinore Campaign (4 pages) and finally news, letters, and reviews.

On to the scenario itself ...

This adventure is a great mystery which the PC's are asked to solve once it is discovered that Feyr-Panniras was poisoned. The PC's travel from town to town chasing the clues and tracking down the members of Feyr-Panniras's party. Sometimes events at a location will be determined by the order in which they choose to pursue the clues. Eventually the clues lead to the land of the Priest-Kings themselves. This is a clever scenario and questions like, "Why couldn't they just cast a cure poison on him?" are satisfactorily answered.

The beauty of a multi-location story is that it offers a change of scenery for the PC's and enables them to face a wider range of tests. It also allows you as a DM to throw in extra encounters a little more easily. Add to this the fact that this is a well written module and you have the makings of a great story. If I had one complaint it is that the maps are a little neglected and on a few pages I thought some of the art work could have been reduced in size while the maps were increased.

The only difficulty might be fitting it into an existing campaign as the New Gods are based in a separate country and have to be gods of emotions as that theme is central to the scenario. As it is the module can be played as part of the Pelinore (GM's own campaign setting) or Zhalindor (Tortured Souls' campaign setting) campaigns. I set mine in the Forgotten Realms in the southern part of the Sea of Fallen Stars where the coastline seemed to fit well.

Best Action : I don't recall this fondly for any particular action, but that a Druid called "Il Buano" found and adopted a Blink Dog pup that accompanied the party through numerous other adventures. It was always good to have "Frod" as he was named, move adventures along a bit but by sniffing out a secret door or rogue in disguise. I could also through the party off the track by having Frod like an NPC who was pretending to be the party's friend.
Good Points : Original and fun. Starts in one country and leads over the border to a rival power.
Bad Points : DM needs to do a fair amount of filling in as the action is strung out over a large area. May be difficult to integrate in an existing campaign.
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star Full Star
Reviewed by :Justin -
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007