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The Awakening

Author : Simon Forrest
Publishing Details : GamesMaster Publications 4 - The Awakening
Levels / Number : 4-6 characters of 7th-8th Level
Blurb : The Awakening is centred around an attempt by the fearsome duergar to summon an ancient elemental power that slumbers in the bowels of the earth to aid them in their bid to overthrow a dwarvern delve. The valient player characters must thart the duergar strategem and somehow prevent their ememies from falling on the delve and slaughtering the helpless inhabitants. There is too little time to warn the dwarves and the duergar are far too numerous to fight - only a plan as devious as that of thier diminutive opponents will bring the characters victory, but at what cost?
The Adventure : Excellent ! This has an Indiana Jones feel to it in that the Duergar(Germans) are excavating at an ancient Dwarven(Egyptian) site for the tools to summon the Elemental of great power (Ark of the Covenant). There is an excellent opportunity for the DM to create handouts as there are quite a few parchments etc. uncovered during the course of the excavation.The area covered is quite large and the maps are not that easy to follow. The DM must sort out the maps so that he can run the dungeon without hiccup and I found the only way to do this was to photocopy them and label all the rooms and add notes.

Although not designed for Dwarven PC's I feel you need at least one dwarf in the party or at the very least a PC that can read dwarven to aid with the reading of documents and carvings. This is not a scenario where the PC's can wade in and attck room by room. They must be sneaky and attack isolated groups of duregar least they bring the whole army down upon them.
Good Points : A big dungeon, rich in detail and creating a great atmosphere
Bad Points : Very difficult maps to interpret and no handouts for the PC's
Score : Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star
Other Notes : GM Publications did not last very long and in fact as far as I know there was only 5 "Issues" ever published, GM1 to GM5. I have GM 3,4 and 5, does anyone out there have 1 or 2, or can anyone fill me in on the history of the company.
Reviewed by :Justin Unsworth -
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007