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The Search for the Temple of the Golden Spire

Author : Barney Sloane
Publishing Details : The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios - Volume II (Pub 1983)
Levels / Number : 7, 2nd-4th Level Characters
Synopsis of Plot : Fairly basic in that the party come across an ancient poem that leads to the lost Temple of the Golden Spire. The adventure takes place over several locations with the village of Greywood at it's centre. Only two locations, (apart from the village), have their own map and one of those is the Temple itself.
The Adventure :I love adventures that take place over a small area with the PC's visiting various locations in order to solve a mystery as it creates a mini-campaign. There are a few lost opportunities here to really beef up the adventure by giving more detail behind some of the encounters, including those with the NPC's. The plus side is that an enterprising DM can capitalise on this and greatly increase the size of the adventure. As this came in an anthology of White Dwarf scenarios there's no problem in injecting the extra work.
Good Points : Well constructed multi locational adventure. Excellent for slipping in-between adventures
Bad Points : Needs some work with the intro to give the PC's better motivation. Also you need to throw in a few more knowledgeable peasants and expand some of the locations.
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star
Reviewed by : Justin -
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007