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The Complete Dungeon Master Series

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The Halls of the Dwarven Kings CDM1
The Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan CDM2
The Watchers of the Sacred Flame CDM3
The Feathered Priests CDM4

Author :XXX
Publishing Details : Intergrated Games Ltd.
Levels / Number : 4th to
Synopsis of Plot : This series of adventures, (not complete as the 5th and final part, "Deep Water, Shallow Graves", was never published), takes place in a valley where Dwarves once lived and ruled. The kingdom was overrun by human barbarian tribes, collectively known as the Henninga, over 1000 years ago. When the tribes went back to their homelands the area was left deserted and the Dwarves who escaped the destruction did not return.
CDM1 starts with the PC's caught between two dwarven warparties who are in the area trying to retrieve an artifact. In CDM2 papers found in CDM1 lead the characters to a Dwarvern Temple and its new inhabitants. Here the party find the first of a set of magical gems that control the elements. CDM3 and 4 take the party out of the valley on the trail of the artifacts that the Henninga took with them when they departed.
Good Points : Generic, suitable for many systems with various stats. provided. Loads of DM handouts. "Scenes", booklet showing the major locations and even floorplans.
Bad Points : A lot of work is required by the DM in preparation due to the detail of the scenarios. The plot or parts thereof is an excellent story but the DM will need to be on his toes to keep it all together.
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star
Other Notes : Beast Enterprises also produced an excellent magazine called Tortured Souls.
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Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007