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Burran Moor
The Darkling Stone
Marasmus Redivivus

Author : Unknown (please advise me if you know)
Publishing Details : Tortured Souls - Issue 9 & 10
Levels / Number : 5-7 characters of 3rd-4th Level
Synopsis of Plot : This is a set of three scenarios that can be played separately but are best played as one large adventure. The party arrive in the village of Harlin Dale to find a state of panic. The daughter of the village leader, (Councillor Chevik), has been kidnapped my the wizard Marasmus. The party are asked to help save her. This involves travelling to his stronghold on the Moor, gaining entry, and defeating him. The second scenario builds on a twist in the plot revealed at the end of the first scenario and has the party pursuing the real perpetrator of the crime into a forest further to the west. Finaly the party return to the village to discover that the wizard, (now undead), is exacting revenge on the townspeople. The town is overrun with undead created by Marasmus who has taken up residence in a ruinded castle overlooking the town.
Best Action Remembered :In the second part of the adventure some of the action takes place in some tunnels
Good Points : A good adventure with the right mix of traveling, outdoor action, dungeons and plot. This would provide the PC's with an excellent base of operations especially as the townsfolk would be well disposed towards the adventurers and there is a suitable stronghold in the area. I like the way that the adventure appears to be drawing to a close and then takes off again for part 2 and part 3.
Bad Points : A predictable and slightly overused start with the 'ol "Arrive in town, go to the Tavern and help the townsfolk".
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star
Other Notes : Tortured Souls - A classic magazine, shame it isn't around anymore.
Reviewed by :Justin -
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007