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The Crystal Keys

Author : Unknown (please advise me if you know)
Publishing Details : Tortured Souls - Issue 1 (Part 1), Issue 2 (Part 2)
Levels / Number : 5-7 characters of 2nd-3rd Level
Synopsis of Plot : The party discover a red crystal key during an earlier adventure. On investigation they discover it is one of three keys that will unlock the Ancient tomb of Zamhardrar. The red key is the most elusive of the three keys and the inability of previous adventurers to it has lead to the tomb being forgotten and ignored. The party travel to the tomb area to recover the other keys and plunder the tomb. In part one the party must travel in the area around the tomb to locate the other keys. Part two is the tomb itself.
Best Action Remembered :The best thing I remember about this scenario is that it was one of the first I ever played, and we played it on the boat while crossing the irish sea during the first part of a school trip to London.
Good Points : A very very good solo adventure, the best I have ever seen in fact. Some great ideas including a 100' high stone golem and mechanical guards. I have played this as a solo and then DM'ed it for my group both times we had a great time.
Bad Points : If you want to use this for a group it may need a lot of tailoring because as a solo adventure options are ultimately limited.
Stars out of Five : Full Star Full Star Full Star
Other Notes : Tortured Souls - A classic magazine, shame it isn't around anymore.
Reviewed by :Justin -
Justin Unsworth - copyright 2007