Nightal 16, 1371 (continued)

Date Weather Narrative
Nightal 16, 1371 (continued) Cloudy. Northerly breeze force 1 Introduction:
The Party had approached the Tower in the Fields of the Dead to find a camp of 10-15 armed men guarding it. A scouting mission revealed that the group had captured two elderly halflings and were torturing them, a fact that caused the party to act quickly and quietly dispatch a guard outside the Tower. They moved up to the Tower and here they debated their next move.

Assessing the situation the Party decided that Elrad and Carandel would sneak up on the two remaining guards that were positioned at either side of the Netherese camp, about 150 feet apart. Therrion and Scaramon would wait by the Tower using their crossbows where necessary.

Things started badly when Elrad tried and failed to slip his garrote around the guards head, while Carandel was spotted as he approached to within 30 feet of his opponent. Carandel quickly recovered the situation while the guard was still surprised and before he could act one of Carandel's arrows pierced his heart. Elrad was more unluckily and forced to fight hand to hand while the guard shouted the alarm to the camp below.

Therrion and Scaramon used their crossbows from the ridge on which the Tower was standing while the Netherese camp below was called to arms and some fighters rushed towards Elrad. Although the range was long Scaramon managed to fell one of the enemy with his first shot but perhaps not surprisingly further shots from the ridge did not cause any other casualties and they were not able to significantly hamper the enemy. In stark contrast to this, Carandel used his bow to deadly effect taking down one of the enemy with nearly every shot. Elrad was the most exposed at this time locked in hand to hand combat with the Guard and then, after he was defeated, other fighters who had rushed to help.

Two men, wearing Netherese armour appeared from two larger tents in the camp and quickly organised an assault on the ridge. Making their way up the bank between the Tower and Carandel, three fighters continued up to attack Scaramon and Therrion while the two netherese and another fighter proceeded to charge Carandel. The prospect of taking on three combatants including the leaders of the enemy force, (especially as on cast a Magic Missile spell at him as he approached), must have unnerved him as his arrows could not seem to find their mark as they approached until the last moment when he managed to take down the fighter.

On the ridge Scaramon waited for his moment and cast a Sleep spell whereupon two of the enemy fell. The third was then quickly wounded by Scaramon and killed by Therrion with a mighty blow.

Now all hands raced to aid Carandel who had been wounded by a bolt of lightning shooting out of the hand of one of the Netherese, (A Cleric of Shah). But numbers were telling and the Cleric's attention was broken by Therrion who attempted to put a Hold Person spell on him. He responded in kind but both clerics shook off the effects of their respective spells. The Netherese Cleric then cast a Spiritual Weapon to attack Carandel just as he killed the Netherese fighter. Carandel, weak and in pain, pushed on towards the Cleric and his sword found its mark, killing him.

The Aftermath:
The first thing that the part noticed was that hidden in the camp area was a Tomb entrance. It looked as if the entrance may lead to tunnels under the tower.

The halflings are called Taran and Mirval, (halfling farmer and his wife). They own the land here, as much as anyone can in this dangerous region. They discovered the men on their land and went to meet them hoping to supply them with fresh goods and possibly extract some rent from them. They also tell the party that the Hill is called "Scorpian Hill" and that the tomb is that of a King who fought his last battle on Scorpian Hill against his brother. Tower is older than the battle but knows nothing more about it.

The Party accept an invitation to spend the night at the Taran's farmhouse which is about 2 hours away by horseback. They also allow Taran and his wife keep the Horses and goods of the Netherese force that they cannot take with them.

A search of the camp reveals a healthy quantity of gold and gems, (including pearls that would finally allow Scaramon to cast an identify spell on some interesting items the Party had previously discovered). Also found is a Scroll of Comprehend Languages and Gloves of Lightning. In one of the Netherese tents the Party find the Journal of the Netherese Cleric of Shar.

The two prisoners, Barrod and Ciriel, are interrogated and the party accept thier story that they were simply hired by the Netherese as guards. Mercifully they are released with their weapons and horses, a kindness for which Barrod, who does all the talking, seems very grateful.

The party make there way to Taran's farmhouse where they are well fed and get a good nights rest.