Nightal 9, 1371 to Nightal 16, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Nightal 9, 1371 - Nightal 11, 1371 Steady Snow. Northerly breeze force 1 The Party woke on a cold snowy morning and over breakfast concluded a discussion held the night before over which fork in the road to take. Left to Boareskyr Bridge and some civilization to resupply and possibly gain some information about the area but lose a couple of days in the process, or Right taking a more direct, but possibly more dangerous route to where the light beams meet. In the end the thought of a good rest amongst other things, leads the party in the direction of the settlement at Boareskyr Bridge.

The snow thankfully let up on the 10th but the Party still spent an uneasy and lonely few days traveling South East.
Nightal 12, 1371 Cloudy. Northerly winds force 2 In the late afternoon the Party arrived at Boarskyr Bridge, a tented community that specialises in servicing the caravan trade.

They made for the local tavern, "Softwalls", and were served hot food and drinks by the flirty barmaid Eriel. The clientele consisted of local merchants, a couple of adventuring companies, a group of Monks and a Halfling Bard, Ranas, who was entertaining the crowd with some songs. Therrion and Elrad managed to secure some food supplies in the evening and returned to Softwalls.

During the evening Eriel became very ill. Therrion quickly moved over to offer his assistance with Caradel and discovered that her throat was all puffed up and it looked like she had somehow ingested some poison. Caradel tasted an unknown magical potion the party have found in the Netherese Fort in the Misty Forest and concluded that it was safe. He gave Eriel a sip from the bottle but it only sent her into more convulsions. Fortunately a cleric of Illmater also assisted the girls recovery by casting a healing spell.

The party, like most of the other travelers spent the night in Softwalls by the centre fire.
Nightal 13, 1371 to Nightal 15, 1371 Cloudy. Northerly winds force 1-2 The Party awoke to the sound of a hot breakfast being prepared. Scaramon went to get food for everyone and bumped into the halfing bard Ranas in the queue. He invited him to join the Party to eat his breakfast and he accepted, giving the party a small insight into the region, (as Ranas was brought up on a farm about three days ride to the South West, (a farm that has now been abandoned).

By the 15th the party had come close to the place were the beams should meet and noted that as the beams did not continue on after the meeting point there was probably a tower, similar to the one in Lizard Marsh, in the region.
Nightal 16, 1371 Cloudy. Northerly breeze force 1 The party made there way towards where the beams met and discovered that they did indeed meet in a tower atop a hill. The hill was had a tall outcrop of rock at one end of the hill that leaned over at an odd angle as if it were about to fall. The party decided to approach the hill cautiously from the East side where the out crop of rock was. They was that a guard was posted outside the tower, who was relived from duty by a second man as the Party decided on a course of action. The tower itself although similar in dimensions to the tower in Lizard marsh was plain and featureless.

Elrad moved forward towards the tower in the deep bracken and scouted the hidden area behind the tower at one end of the hill. He discovered two more guards either side of a camp. The camp had 6 1 or 2 man tents and 2 larger tents that Elrad termed "command tents" In addition the horrifying site of a male and female Halflings bound spread-eagled on upright crosses. They appeared elderly and had clearly been tortured, however he could not ascertain if they were alive or dead.

The Party, who had been deliberating about how to approach these men now acted quickly. Elrad and Caradel, moved quietly up to the guard outside the tower and attacked him. Before he could react he was on the ground dead, with Caradel's arrow sticking out of his throat. The Party quickly moved into the safety of the tower and checked all 3 levels. The tower was empty apart from the glowing column in the top story from which the beams emanated.

Here the Party paused to discuss their next move.