Uktar 23, 1371 to Uktar 25, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Uktar 23, 1371 Overcast and Cold. Northerly winds force 2 The Ride gather early to prepare for a return trip to the Tower when Captain Gunalas summons them to his office and gives them orders for the day. They are to ride Soulth along The Trade Way as far a s The Way Inn and scout for any dangers for the last caravans travelling North before winter.

The Ride head off South along the Trade Way passing through Gillian's Hill and arriving in the evening at Liam's Hold. The party stay the evening at The Holdfast Inn, where the proprietor Binn ensures they have a comfortable stay. The inn is quiet but the Ride manage to talk to Malastar, a Hunter, who informs them that he has just come back from a hunting trip into The Misty Forest and saw no signs of anything that could spell trouble for a caravan.
Uktar 24, 1371 Overcast and Cold. Gale force 3 winds The Ride arrived at the campsite after dark to discover a scounting party of 8 Orcs occupying it. Rather than risk a deadly combat the Ride decided to push on to the Hamlet of Bowshot, another 4 hours ride away. Arriving late the innkeeper of The Bowshot Inn, Rattar, lets them in a arranges some food before turning in for the night.
Uktar 25, 1371 Overcast and Cold. Gale force 3 winds The accomodation, and food are decidedly average but the beer is worse, the Ride move on as early as possible in the morning heading South. After encountering dangers on the road the night before the Ride are especially carefull as they ride South. However in the early afternoon they arrive at The Way Inn village and are greeted by Dauravyn Redbeard, innkeeper of The Way Inn, (to which the village owes it's name), and headman of the village. Dauravyn has no news of note about the conditions on the road but is interested to learn of the Orc scouts north of Bowshot.

The Ride are introduced to a caravan merchant called Meldar Farwander and his daughter Delora. They have travelled from the Amn via Baldurs Gate in the South hoping to get to Waterdeep before the last of the caravans of the larger trading costers. Meldar explains to the party that his caravan was attacked by bandits yesterday and the guards killed. he now needs help getting to Daggerford where he can hire guards for the rest of the journey. Delora added that they will be prepared to pay 40gp to each member of the Ride if they can help. The Ride discuss the matter and conclude that helping Meldar does not conflict with their orders and agree to help.

In the evening in the Inn, the Ride notice three strangers, oddly dressed in very old fashioned clothing. After learning that they only arrived that night Scaramon approached them to gain news of the road South. His attempts to make conversation however were rudely rebuffed.