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Hammer 8, 1372 (continued)


Hammer 8, 1372 (continued)


Cloudy. Light Winds Easterly force 1

The Party continue on over the High Moor in the direction of the Forge waiting for Delfen to contact them via the Orb of Communication with more information. After a couple of hours the Orb starts to glow and Scaramon picks it up to talk with Delfen.

The Party talk for some time about the situation with Delfen. He explains that the Paladins of Tempus who guard Dragonspear Castle believe the best way to counter the threat is attack it head on, and drive the Baatezu back to the portal. Delfen thinks they are foolish and will ultimately fail. Delfen believes there is a good chance that the portal in the Forge links to the Nine Hellsbased on the description of the creature the party saw the last time they were there and various factors linking the Forge with Dragonspear Castle where a portal to Baator, (also know as the Nine Hells), is known to exist. If so, then a small band of adventurers could slip through, find the portal to Dragonspear Castle and close it from within the Nine Hells. He does not disguise how risky it will be for the party to achieve this but he believes that the Paladins head strong approach may work to begin with, but the death toll will mount up and is ultimately doomed to failure. An agreement is reached that Delfen will somehow supply the Party with a means to analyse the portal and confirm his theory as to its destination and the Party will travel to the Forge and not Dragonspear Castle.