Uktar 22, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Uktar 23, 1371 Overcast - Cold - Winds N:force 2 Introduction:
After the difficult battle with the Lizard Men the Ride start to investigate the Tower. Play:
It is at this point that Elrad arrives. He traveled to the Baron's stronghold with the other militia and was told to find the Ride and give them orders to return.

Elrad passes his orders on, but the lure of the strange tower is too great and they decide to explore.

Cautiously the Ride enter the ground level of the Tower and find a bare circular room with a ramp on the left-hand side of the room leading up. Carandel experiences a headache as he enters the Tower. After a brief search of this level the ride slowly move up the ramp to the second level and find a similar room except that the skeletal remains of a dozen human warriors fill the room. Carandel's headache becomes noticeably worse and the resolves to stay on this level. A brief search of the bodies in the room is made and Scaramon finds a gold ring on on of the bodies. Scaramon and Elrad move up the ramp to the next level of the tower while Therrion with with Carandel.

In the top level of the tower there are two windows, set roughly 20 degrees apart and a 8" diameter column in the centre of the room. A 12" segment of the column about 4' up from the floor is not made of stone but of a pale blue light. The walls of the room are covered in strange writing carved into the walls and Scaramon takes a tracing of part of the inscriptions. Elrad and Scaramon investigate the strange blue light and without letting Carandel and Therrion know what they are up to, Scaramon touches the blue light.

Instantly two beams of pale blue light shoot out from the column, one each through the two windows. At the same time a "ripple", like a heat haze, flows out from the column through the whole building. Instantly the wounds of characters wounded in the fight with the Lizard Men start to heal. Unfortunately the strange power flows through the skeletons on the first floor of the tower and they rise up, corroded weapons in hand they attack the Ride.

Despite Therrion turning some of the undead, the numbers are too great and the Ride withdraw.

That evening, after the Ride were berated by the commander of the Daggerford Militia, Sherlen Spearslayer, for thier foolhardiness in rushing off into the dangerous Lizard Marsh, (and they praised for thier bravery), they went to visit a Wizard called Delfen Yellowknife, (who both Carandel and Scaramon know well on account of thier interest in Magic), and ask him about the strange tower.

Prompted by Delfen the Ride decide to find out more about the tower and what events they may have set in motion. He also examines the tracing taken by Scaramon and advises them that the writing to be the language of the Yuan-Ti, a snake-like people. The Ride resolve to return to the Tower tomorrow and find out more information.