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Hammer 5, 1372 (continued)


Hammer 5, 1372 (continued)


Cloudy. Light Winds Easterly force 1, Light Snow

The Party continue down the corridor that ends in a set of very solid double stone doors. After some time trying to open then Carandel and Elrad discover a secret panel on the side wall of the corridor and just as Carandel is warning angainst opening it, Elrad places his hand on it and the doors swing silently open.

As the doors open a wave of heat floods into the corridor. Beyond the doors is a large room about 150' long and 100' wide with a high ceiling and. At the far end is a 70' square pit that is 10' deep, and in the floor of this pit is a 60' diameter hole from which a red glow can be seen. The rail run into the room right up to the pit where a wooden lifitng crane lies in ruins. Two sets of steps descend into the square pit, and around the edges of the funace are 4 massive wheels around which large chaind are wound that descend into the pit. On the right of the pit is a long workbench at whose far end is a metal box with 4 levers.

Carandel walked into the room with Elrad and cautiously looked around, while the others stayed in the doorway. As Carendel looked towards the pit the chains suddenly started to move and wind up! Quickly he ran over to the control panel and frantically moved all the levers in an effort to stop the chains rising. As he pulled he could see the chains pulling up a huge metal lattice that covered the full diameter of the furnace. The control box before him started to groan and strain and then the cover blew open showering Carandel with small broken metal cogs.

In the centre of the pit the lattice floor continued to rise and in it's centre could now be seen two odd metal constructs that began to move to the edge of the pit. One of the constructs had a huge hammer for one arm and a large pincer for its other arm, while the other construct had no arms but a barrel shaped body with a smooth hole in it's centre.

The constructs move forward and the Party are unsure if they mean them harm or not until they close with Elrad and Coromir and attack! In the first round of combat the Hammerer Construct smashes into Elrad and wounds him severely while the Barrrel Shaped Construct unleashes a blast of sound that nearly stuns Therrion and Coromir before firing 2 steel bolts at Coromir. Carandel joins the fray and Scaramon moves to the side and unleashes a 5' wide jet of fire on the two constructs, unfortunately the fire also catches Elrad, Carandel and Coromir in it!

The fight continues as the Party bash and dent the metal monsters. Another well aimed hammer blow nearly kills Elrad while Scaramon calls forth lightening from his magical gloves which is fortunately more accurate than the magical fire! Finaly the automotons are damaged beyond repair and cease to function.

While Elrad and Therrion try to force open the metal armour of the automotons' and see what's inside Carandel and Scaramon look at the destroyed control panel. While they examine the control panel they detect a strong small of carrion nearby . They search for any possible secret passages but then strangely the smell disappears. Soon the whole party is engaged in the hunt for the source of the smell and Carandel finds it again on the other side of the pit, but before he can locate it it disappears again. While this goes on Scaramon discovers some carvings on the wall of the square pit and tried to clean away the soot and carbon deposits to view them properly.

Shortly after the carrion smell disappears for the second time a frost starts to form on the same wall as the entrance. The frost starts in the corners but rapidly spreads along the walls to the doorway. At fisrt the party just observe this phenomonon but as the frost turns to ice and the doorway starts to freeze over they evacuate the room. Elrad on on his way out toches the frost with his sword and ice quickly spreads up the blade and he pulls the sword free. Then rather unwisely Elrad then decides to touch it. rather predictably the ice spreads up his arm and the intence cold causes him much pain before he pulls it free and leaves the room.

The party look back into the furnace room as the doorway becomes completely solid with ice. Then just as they are about to leave Carandel looks back and thinks he sees a very tall skelatal figure with a scorpian like tail cross the room.

The party have a long discussion about what to do next and eventually decide to see if they can get the Manta Ray flying device working. The Party realise that they need some sort of rectangular key and so Coromir and Scaramon go searching for it in the room of the dead wizard while the others head on up to the Manta room. Scaramon uncovers an amber key in the wizard's chest and sprints upstairs hotly followed by Coromir.

Scaramon tried the amber key in the control panel of the Manta Ray Flying Machine ... it fits and the machine comes to life, lifting a couple of inches off the ground. After a while of carefully playing with the controls the Party ascertain how the machine is operated and then discuss thier options. It is agreed that they should leave the Forge as it is unsafe and take the Manta Ray Flying Machine out to a camp site in the forest. Corromir sends word to Lord Lotharam about the events in the forge and asks for assistance in looking after the horses as the Party have decided to proceed to the Tower in the Serpent Hills on the Manta Ray Flying Machine.

The Party settle down for the night.