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Nightal 30, 1371


Nightal 30, 1371


Cloudy. Winds Northerly force 2, Light Rain

The Party wake in the sumptuous surroundings of The Helm and Cloak Inn and make preparations for the journey to the High Moor. Scaramon leaves the Inn early for the temple of Helm, (called the "House of the Vigilant"), and his appointment with Quincy to cure him of the freezing touch of the Wight encountered in the Sahuagin Trident.

Shortly after his return a maid calls at his and Therrion's rooms to inform them that Grand Duke Liia Janneth is awaiting them in a private room downstairs. After greeting them she explains that there is a problem in getting their horses to the Portal which is situated in cellars under the inn and is only accessible via narrow passages. After a discussion of a deeply magical nature it is agreed that Liia will polymorph the horses into mice and place them in a cage for one of the Party to carry. She also takes the the Ring of Spell Storing that the party found in the Sahuagin Trident to put a Dispel Magic spell into so that the horses can be brought back to their normal forms.

When it is time to leave the inn's servants collect the Party and their belongings and take them to meet the Grand Dukes, Liia and Eltan. Duke Eltan, bids them farewell and hands over the polymorphed horses. He tells them that a weeks worth of provisions and all the riding gear have been polymorphed with the horses. Liia then takes the part down into the cellars and stands in front of an archway. She takes out some leaves and waves them in front of the arch, from which a cascade of sparks fall. When the sparks have finished the space in the archway has become a "pool" reflecting the room and across whose surface ripples echo.

Elrad steps through the portal first and find himself in a pitch black room up to his knees in cold water. He draws his sword and looks around, peering into the darkness. Therrion passes though the portal next and collides with Elrad who is still in front of the portal, narrowly missing his drawn sword. Next Scaramon comes though and again bumps into Elrad. Therrion then casts a light spell while Scaramon uses minor magic to light his lantern. Everyone moves away from the portal and Carandel enters the room as if he is walking through the wall. The room is a rough cavern knee deep cold water in which floats various debris. In the centre of the room is a circular column in which is set an arch leading to a staircase that winds up inside the column.

After a brief check around the room the Party head carefully up the staircase which ascends for 70-80 feet. Elrad leads the way until he sees daylight coming down the stairs and feels a fresh breeze. He then listens and hears Orc voices so moves silently up the rest of the staircase to find the the top of it in ruins and exiting at the top level of a ruined keep

The Party plan an attack which starts with Scaramon casting a Sleep spell but incredibly BOTH Orcs are unaffected so Carandel and Elrad who are in waiting finish them off with arrows. Looking out of the open ruined floor of the fort the Party see a ruined wall and gatehouse about 100 feet away. In the Gatehouse ruins are 6 Orcs sitting round an open fire.

Elrad sneaks down a spiral staircase in the corner of the ruined fort and finds 2 doors, 1 about 10 feet down the other about 30. He comes back up to report then sneaks down again to listen at door. He reports that the there are between 4-8 orcs that he can hear sleeping in the room below and the Party decide to sneak into that room and finish off the orcs as they sleep.

The Party sneak down the stairs as quietly as they can and enter the room to see two doors on the left of the 50' long 25' wide room and 5 orcs sleeping in makeshift beds. Therrion watches at the door while Elrad, Scaramon and Carandel Sneak up to 3 of the orcs. Elrad and Carandel dispatch their prey swiftly but the third orc is feigning sleep and surprises Scaramon stabbing him in the chest. Carandel and Elrad finish off the remaining orcs and although wounded Scaramon manages to defeat the orc that surprised him.

As the Party pause for breath the door near Carandel bursts open and an angry troll attacks him, grabbing both sides of his body it tries to rip him in half inflicting great damage. Therrion calls on the power of Shaundakul and heals Carandel repeatedly during the ensuing combat each time giving him just enough strength to fight on. Things are looking bad as the Troll continues to rip into Carandel and whose wounds appears to heal as he is fighting! Then Carandel manages to inflict a critical wound on his foe. At the same time A Celestial Badger summoned by Scaramon manages to cause further damage along with Araknis wielded by Elrad and the Troll is defeated.

Looking round Therrion notices the other door open and the Party quickly come to the conclusion that whoever was there must have sneaked off down the stairs while the battle raged. Sure enough from the stairwell comes the sound of angry orcs! The Party quickly position themselves at the top of the stairs so as to be able to take the Orcs on one at a time but as the first orc comes up the stairs the doorway is engulfed in darkness! Quickly Therrion responds by casting a spell of light to counter act the darkness, and the first orc is cut to pieces as he gets to the doorway. Elrad like a man possessed hurls himself down the narrow stairwell, slicing his way through the orcs. Resisting spells cast at him he reaches the orc shaman and cuts him down!

The Party search the upper rooms and find a magical periapt along with some gold and gems in the shamans room. The Party then proceed to the lower floor of the ruined keep and make plans to attack the 6 orcs in the ruined gatehouse.

Elrad with his remarkable luck on the stairs now feels invincible and the Party hatch a plan whereby Elrad and Carandel sneak up to the orcs and attack them by surprise. Scaramon and Therrion will use their crossbows and move forward when the battle begins. Elrad realises he has been over confident when unlike the the narrow stairwell he now faces three angry orcs, with Carandel taking the other three. Elrad is badly wounded before Carandel can come to his aid, however eventually the battle is won.

The Party rest for a short while and debate the way to go. Therrion removes the Tear from his pack and looks up at the sky but can see no lines of blue light. After much discussion Delfen is called on the Orb of Communication but only provides more bad news by telling them that the temple near the Tower that was sealed by the elves had 4 Tears, these were stolen months ago! He also tells them that Duke Liia of Baldur's Gates has contacted him to let him know that a known female thief in the city was seen meeting with the Netheresse when they returned to port. She handed over an object in a bag for which she recieved something in return. The Party decide to cast a detect magic to check the Tear and is discovered that it is not not magical!The Party realise that the Tear has probably been switched. They count the tears they have come across; the Netherese had one, there were 4 in the door at the forge, Delfen had 5 but gave one to the Party, the elves had 4 and the Netherese had 1. They count 14 tears, 10 in the possession of the Netherese and 4 in the door! The Netherese can now get into the Forge and that is where they will be headed! The Party immediately transform the Horses back to their normal selves and ride hard for the Misty Forest and the Forge!