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Nightal 25, 1371 (continued) to Nightal 26, 1371


Nightal 25, 1371 (continued)


Some Cloud. Winds South Westerly force 2

Exhausted, the Party settle down to rest on the Starspray and quickly fall asleep.

That night Therrion dreams a vision of two ships tossed on the ocean in a mighty storm, the waters battering their hulls. Suddenly, a huge wave rears high out of the waters and bears down on one of the vessels, the Starspray, threatening to smash it to pieces. All seems lost, but then Shaundakul sends his winds to break the enormous wave in two as it crashes down, saving the ships. The other is is seen to avoid a similar fate through dark magics. As the dream fades, Therrion is sees a group of islands and on one of these islands a Sahuagin priest stands before a black orb, his hands raised to the heavens.....

There is a hammering at the cabin door that wakes the party moments before a sailor bursts in urging the party to wake, hurrying them up on deck. The ship rocks violently from side to side as the Starspray is tossed in a wild storm. On deck the crew is desperately attempting to clear part of the mast which has collapsed and is dragging in the water. Waves crash over the deck hindering the crew as they struggle in the dark to bring the ship under control. Carandel and Elrad spring forward to help clear the wreckage while Scaramon summons light to work by before chanting a morale raising sea shanty. Climbing to the poop deck in order speak to Captain Orodan, Therrion is forced to shout in order to be heard above the roar of the wind and crashing waves. Therrion briefly describes his vision to Captain Orodan only to hear that the events in the vision occurred only minutes earlier.

The crew and the party all huddle, shivering, on board the starspray. The wreckage has been cleared, the storm is dying and on the horizon can be seen the first embers of dawn. Silhouetted against the far away glow is the unmistaken outline of land, and the Starspray limps toward it to find shelter. Therrion and the Captain continue their earlier conversation, Orodan describing a tale amongst sailors of a black eye and the ill omens linked to the tale.


Nightal 26, 1371 (continued)


Some Cloud. Winds South Westerly force 2

The crew drop anchor and dispatch a repair crew to cut wood. The party also row ashore in order to investigate the Island to find out if it is related to Therrions vision. As the sun finally heaves over the horizon the party climb a small rise to discover a stone platform with pillar, old and scratched through some unknown use. The higher land on which the platform is positioned allows the Party to look over to the other side of the island which reveals further Islands and the remains of a very old wreck, jutting out of a reef in the centre of the island group.

Tarnus intends to stay with and protect the shore party, so passes the sword found in the Sahuagin Trident to Elrad before heading off with the repair crew.

Realising that the highest ground appears to be the nearest island, the remaining four row to bottom of the gentlest cliff face. Grabbing a long rope, Elrad begins to climb the cliff. Halfway to the top he slips and falls into the water next to the ships boat. Chuckling, the three in the boat help the sopping Elrad into the boat only to watch him scale the cliff again. This time he reaches the top and lets down the rope. With Scaramon and Therrion settling down in the boat to await their return, Carandel joins Elrad and they begin to search the top of the island. After a short while looking at the crumbling foundations of what might have been a watch tower. With Elrad looking under every stone, Carandel spots the ship that attacked the Starspray at the Trident apparently beached on a third Island.

Carandel slides back down the rope to tell Scaramon and Therrion about the beached ship. The description is briefly interrupted when Elrad hurtles down to splash into the water again. After fishing Elrad out a second time, the four immediately row to the Starspray to warn Orodan before heading for the third island. Dragging the boat up the beach in order to hid it amongst the trees, Elrad looks up to see the gaunt features and desiccated flesh of a rotting corpse staring at him! The corpse reaches for him, trying to drag him further into the shaded woods! The four fight the zombie off, but more stumble toward then. Slowly the sluggish corpses begin to beat the party back. During a desperate fight in which the Spider sword entraps a corpse in it's web much to Elrads surprise. The four fall back to the beach, but the corpses do not follow onto the silent beach!

Realising that the wood may block their route to spy on the other ship, Carandel uses his Candle once more to become an eagle. Catching the gusts of the dying storm Carandel the Eagle soars into the air and glides to a high altitude. From here his vision picks out work crews moving between the woods and another stone platform. The glint of metal reveals a high number of fighting men amongst the sailors of the other vessel and amongst them the unmistakable dress of Netherese clothing and armour worn by two men. Returning to the Party, Carandel spots a clearing at the centre of the woods with a path leading to the beach. At the centre of what appears to be motionless waves is a black orb...

The four travel on foot up the beach to the path, which is laid with seashells it's entire length. Moving cautiously along the path, watchful of more of the walking dead, the party approaches the motionless waves and an archway between them. Passing through the arch, the party see that the waves are a well crafted stone wall surrounding a temple identified by Therrion as belonging to Umberlee, an evil goddess of Oceans. Several groups of wide steps lead down to a pool with a small causeway allowing passage to a podium. Atop the podium lies a black orb.

Suddenly a crossbow bolt flies from the water narrowly missing Carandel. The party return fire on the two Sahuagin launching bolts at them from the cover of the pool. A deadly waiting game ensues, the eerie quiet of the Islands adding to the tension, as the Sahuagin and the party snap fire at each other. Scaramon summons the power of the weave and casts a spell of sleeping at the Sahuagin, but the spell seems ineffective. Scaramon fears for his life as he realises that he cannot move! What witchcraft dwells in this place?

Losing patience, and fuelled with the confidence provided by the Spider Sword, Elrad launches himself at the nearest water-dweller, killing him, before leaping into the water as the Carandel kills the second Sahuagin with a single elf-arrow. Elrad panics when he sees a dorsal fin cutting through the water towards him, fighting against his heavy gear as he struggles for the side of the pool. Spying a third water-dweller, Therrion and Carandel launch arrow and bolt until the Sahuagin is pierced repeatedly.

With Carandel covering and Scaramon recovering from the magic's inflicted upon him, Elrad and Therrion approach the orb. At the slightest contact with the orb, Elrad feels intense pain though Therrion shows no sign of the agony. Through the orb they can see the area of sea around the islands for miles in every direction and with the rage of the storm on the fringe of their senses. It is almost as if they could blow the sea as one would a pool and send waves rippling in every direction...

Therrion realised that the orb posed a threat to the Starspray, knew that they could not control it, and with Scaramons wheezed council Therrion shattered the orb with a single blow from the pommel of his two-handed sword. Maybe now the sea lanes of the area would be safer for traders such as the Starspray and her crew?