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Nightal 25, 1371 (continued)


Nightal 25, 1371 (continued)


Some Cloud. Winds South Westerly force 2

The party move along the main corridor with Elrad and Carandel leading to check for any traps and tracks. Carandel is paying particular attention to a blood trail that appears to have come from the wounded Netherese found in the guard room. Next to the guard room is a 40' long room with a 10' deep pool at one end, the purpose of which is unclear and the Party did not dwell too long here or go too near the pool.

About 100' down the corridor was another round room with an 5' diameter "elevator" in the centre, similar to the one in the dock level. A hole in the ceiling indicated that this elevator probably traveled up and into the main spire. Carandel traced the blood trail to the elevator where there was a lot of blood and another trail of blood leading from the elevator out through a archway in the opposite wall.

The Party decide to check out the lower levels first before using the elevator and continue down the opposite corridor. At the end they find a another long room with a pool at the end and another entrance room consisting of a stone door with arrow slits either side and a bronze lever to the left of the door. Looking through an arrow slit Therrion sees a sand covered cave with a large pool at the opposite end. On the sand to the right of the door a chest and some rotted crates were piled. Cautiously the door is opened while Carandel and Elrad enter the sandy room. Carandel examines the tracks but can glean little except that they belong to Sahuagin and have been there for a while. Elrad makes his way over to the crates and carefully searches around.and only finds some gold pieces in a chest, the rest is rotted away. As Elrad searches the crates, Carandel looks around the walls for any secret doors and as he comes very close to the pool he hears a disturbance in the water. Too late Carandel turns to see a large tentacle shot out of the water and grab him around the waist. On the other side of the room, Elrad is also attacked and tried to pull back towards the door. Other tentacles start to reach out of the water but fail to find a target while Elrad and Carandel with the help of their friends manage to cut the tentacles holding them and get back into the room. When they are safe Therrion pushes the lever to close the door. The Party are safe for now and decide to quickly move on to the central tower and return to the central lift room.

The lift ascends 200' and the air temperature drops slightly as they rise. Finally the lift reaches its destination and the Party find themselves in the centre of a round room with 5 doorways spaced evenly round the edge of the room and a ramp sloping upwards on the west wall. One of the doorways is covered in ice. Littering the room are the skeletal remains of about 20 Shauagin. Near the platform the Party also discover the remains of what appears to be the skeleton of an elven mage, a 1/2 snake/man creature and a suit of chainmail and effects where the body has completely disappeared over time.

Scaramon spots something move up in the ceiling but it disappears amongst stalactites hanging there. Elrad is reluctantly pushed to search the room accompanied by Therrion. Before long the room and its grisly occupants have been searched, however the Party are careful when they search with Carandel constantly watching the ceiling with his bow drawn. In addition, fearful that the strange effects of the first tower that animated skeletons on the second level might also exist here, the skeletons are smashed.

The Party investigate the ramp and discover that the room above holds a column of blue light with two large windows, similar to the other towers. On the floor of the room is a map carved into the floor of the room that depicts the lands of ancient Chondath and the Sword Coast. On the map at 5 points spaced evenly around the room are 5 towers, 3 of which the Party have already visited. The 5 towers are formed into a Pentagram with the column of light at its centre. It appears that the centre of the map is were Dragonspear castle now stands.

The Party debate the meaning of their discovery and decide to contact Delfen using the Orb of Communication. While talking to Delfen a huge crash and then the sound of rushing water is heard in the room below. Therrion is first down the ramp to discover the door that was covered in ice has broken open filling the room with water to a depth of about 2". Before Therrion could do anything else a wall of water reared up in front of him and a Large Water Elemental attacked! The Water Elemental manages to strike Therrion with two powerful blows knocking him unconscious. Using magic, Scaramon moves the trident off the elevator disc and the disc starts to descend and the water pours out of the room down the elevator shaft. The Water Elemental continues to fight, but on the now dry floor and is soon dispatched by the Party.

After the battle, Scaramon again sees something moving in the ceiling and the Party move back up to the Map Room. As the Party tend to their wounds and the unconscious Therrion, Carandel looks out of one of the windows and sees another ship heading towards the Sahuagin trident! With his keen eyesight Carandel makes out a Ballista on the deck, which is a hive of activity as if preparing for war. In a split second decision, Carandel and Scaramon decide to try and activate the tower by touching the column of light hoping that the strange effects of the first tower will be repeated, a wave of positive energy will flow from the light and Therrion will be healed. The plan works and Therrion is revived but the Party leave the discussion about whether or not it was a good idea to activate the beam until later.

Scaramon Spider Climbs down the lift shaft to send the lift up and while they wait the Party search the rooms leading off the lift room. They note that the rooms are all of a different design, presumably for their specific guests. The search only reveals a water damaged spell book that is of any value.

The Party rush back to the docking area and onto the boat while Carandel goes to ballista room and sees the enemy ship firing on the Starspray. Carandel Returns fire, and too his surprise the tower's Ballista bolts explode in flame on impact. This is enough to force the enemy ship to alter it's course and seek refuge by sailing behind the northern most spire. Carandel then makes his escape and gets back to the Starspray.

The Starspray lowers her full sails and departs swiftly from the Sahuagin Trident, and all aboard are relieved that the enemy ship does not follow them. As they move off into the distance they notice that the enemy vessel lowers a longboat.