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Nightal 23, 1371 to Nightal 25, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Nightal 23, 1371 (continued) Some Cloud. Winds South Westerly force 2 The party make their way on board ship where the 1st mate, Benir, greets them and asks Arron, the cabin boy, to show them to their rather cramped quarters. Soon the ship is underway and the Party is invited to have a hearty Breakfast with the Captain, Orodan, the ships navigator, Adangil, the 1st Mate, Benir and a Warrior called Tarnus.

Captain Orodan explains that Tarnus is the son of a late close friend and he has known Tarnus since he was a baby. Tarnus asked the Captain if he could travel with him as a member of the crew on this expedition as his Brother's ship was reputed to have sunk in the Sahuagin Trident area. Captain Orodan agreed as Tarnus is an accomplished Fighter having spent a couple of years in the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company that are based in Baldur's Gate and with the reputation for danger that the area has an extra sword may be very useful. The Party listened with interest but never the less were cautious as they could not be sure that the Netherese had not "influenced" any of the members of the crew.

With a relatively calm sea and a good wind the Starspray made good progress. That night Carandel, ever cautious, decided to help keep watch in the crow's nest. Looking back he saw for a brief few minutes a light behind them in the distance. Back in Baldur's Gate it was Carandel that visited the Harbour Master's office and looked at the board for ships sailing North, and as he recalls in the Party's cabin later he cannot remember any ships due to sail this way for at least a tenday. There is little the Party can do but stay vigilant.
Nightal 24, 1371 Clear Skies, Winds South Westerly force 2 Another day of good winds and good progress, Captain Orodan informs the Party that they should arrive tomorrow morning.

That night Carandel watches in the distance and sees nothing until the early hours of the morning when he thinks he sees, for just a brief moment, a light on the horizon.
Nightal 25, 1371 Clear Skies, Winds South Westerly force 1, breeze

The Starspray arrives at the three spires of rock known as The Sahuagin Trident in the early hours of the morning and in the relative calm anchors nearby. The main spire is about 300' tall and the other two about 180' tall. With no visible way in Scaramon casts a spell, ("Alter Self"), that allows him to grow wings and fly! (albeit awkwardly). He then proceeds to search the three spires of rock. Just when the spell's power is running out he spots a a small worn square patch on the top of one of the smaller spires. Quickly he lands on the spire, to investigate and then heads back to the ship.

Using Carandel's Magic Candle of Transmutation, (Eagle), the Party bring Therrion and Elrad over to the top of the spire and they discover a secret trapdoor that weathering has revealed. With some difficulty, (and at the risk of damaging Elrad's shortsword), they pry open the trapdoor and peer down. Below is a metal ladder running down a narrow shaft that is covered with knives and blades sticking out of the walls at odd angles. Elrad investigates and ascertains that the blades are part of a complex trap mechanism that has been triggered but for some reason not reset. He carefully descends the ladder, (but not carefully enough to avoid cutting himself!), and enters the room below as the other party members accompanied by Tarnus, (who has requested that he accompany them), cross over to the spire using the Candle of Transmutation.

In the room below is a Ballista that has a 360 deg. of fire around the spire once large shutters around the room are opened. Two long shafts lead down, one with metal rungs running down it's side and the other with a pole running down its centre. The Party search the room and Carandel returns to the ship briefly to ask if Captain Orodan wants to station some of his crew on the ballista in case the boat that may have been following them turns up and is hostile. Captain Orodan refuses on the grounds that any crew would feel nervous about being left behind. On Carandel's return the Party descend carefully to the next level.

The room they descend into is larger, 60' diameter, and has a dock area in one side large enough to take two ships longboats. Opposite the dock is a 5' diameter stone plinth marked with a trident and a trident is propped up against the wall near this plinth. By the dock area is a large bronze lever, and in the dock itself lies a sunken ships longboat.

The Party look round the room and turn their attention to the bronze lever by the dock. Correctly guessing that it somehow opens an outer door to the sea they pull the lever and a two stone doors slide apart to reveal the Starspray in the ocean beyond. It is quickly decided that Carandel should return to the ship and bring back the ships longboat. At the ship Carandel convinces 2 crew members to bring the longboat back to the dock and wait there with it.

While waiting for the ship's longboat to return the Party is surprised and attacked by a scout party of 6 Sahuagin who sneaked into the dock area and fired their heavy crossbows from the safety of the water before quickly clambering on to the dock to attack with their tridents. When the battle was all but lost for the Sahuagin the remaining two tried to escape in the water, by were shot before they could dive down to the murky depths.

This battle is too much for the poor sailors who were convinced by Carandel to remain in the complex. Thier courage fails them and they insist on being taken back to the ship. The Party take them back but return with the longboat.

After a short rest the Party begin to investigate the plinth and soon discover it is an elevator that is activated to descend by placing the trident on the plinth in alignment with the carved picture of a trident. The Party use the elevator to descend hundreds of feet to a small domed chamber illuminated by a strange lichen that covers the walls. There is set of steps at the edge of the room leading further down which the party descend after Elrad checks them for any traps.

In the room at the bottom of the steps is a 20' diameter room and ahead of the entrance is a short set of narrow steps leading up 5' to a stone door. On each side of the stone door is an arrow slit, 6' above the floor level. Also on either side of the entrance is a copper tube green with age. Each tube extends 1' into the room and is about 5" in diameter. The Party investigate the copper tubes and believe that they are a trap, probably set off in the next room, that fill this area with water. Elrad checks the narrow steps for traps and examines the stone door. Although not trapped he ascertains that the opening mechanism is in the room beyond and he cannot open the door. Getting on Carandel's shoulders Scaramon peers through the arrowslit into the next room. He sees two levers and a human skeleton dressed in the ornate armour of the Netherese lying on the floor next to them. He announces that "There are two levers I can move. One will probably open the door, the other one will probably kill us".

The Party discuss how to open the door and Therrion casts an Augury spell to obtain guidance as to which lever is which. An answer to Therrion's prayers is received and the decision is made the Scaramon will use his magic to move the lever nearest the human skeleton and after a tense moment the door opens with a loud "Click".

Looking through the door the Party see a corridor opposite and in this entrance to the room lies the skeletal remains of a Sahuagin. From the doorway it appears that the Sahuagin and Netherese fought at the doorway both dealing a killing blow. the Netherese had enough life left to crawl to the lever. It's not clear if he pulled the lever or not, so it is not clear if he wanted the door open or closed.

As the Party entered the room, Scaramon rushed over to the levers to make sure they were safe but as he approached the body of the Netherese and dark misty ihumanoid figure took shape above the body and croaked the words, "Who dares disturb my slumber!". Scaramon quickly backs away and says optomistically, "Scaramon Pypris at your service!". The waith does not reply and lunges forward to attack Scaramon. The rest of the party rush forward to aid thier companion and the battle starts to go against them with the wraith resisting the power of Shaundakul channelled through Therrion and Scaramon being badly hit and experiencing the cold draining touch of the wraith. Furthermore normal weapons seem to pass harmlessly through the wraiths incorporeal form and magic weapons do not fair much better. A few good strikes with magic arrows and Carandel's magic sword followed by the judicious use of magic turned the tide of the battle and dispatched the wraith back to the darkness.

After the battle the bodies were searched and some magical items discovered. The most remarkable of these was a longsword with a spider web design on the blade. Tarnus took the sword, but as he had withdrawn from the fighting because his non-magical weapon was not harming the waith Therrion made it clear that the sword was on loan only.