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Nightal 17, 1371 to Nightal 22, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Nightal 17, 1371 (continued) Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 On returning to Taran's farm the Party find Taran and Mirval packing, he has decided to take the Party's advice and spend the winter with friends further to the East. The evening is spent resting and discussing options, where they decide that they will travel to Baldur's Gate and hire a vessel to take them to the island indicated on the Netherese map and hints at in Salan's Journal, (the Netherese Cleric of Shar killed at Scorpion Hill).
Nightal 18, 1371 Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 The Party leave in the early morning with 7 extra horses and equipment picked up from the Netherese and their Guards at Scorpion Hill which they aim to sell in Baldur's Gate. While travelling West to Baldur's Gate, Therrion notices that Scaramon is looking unwell. Therrion examines him and discovers that his fever is as a result of being infected with a disease. Scaramon recalls tales of something called Mummy Rot, and figures that as the mummy in the Scorpion Hill tomb nearly killed him with it's first swing he may have caught it there. Whatever the source Scaramon feels very ill and Therrion doesn't think he can last that long so the Party decide to pick up the pace and turn the 5 day journey to Baldur's Gate into a 4 day one.
Nightal 19, 1371 Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 Scaramon's condition seems to have stabilised, for the moment, but he still feels feverish. Fortunately the days travel was swift with no delays.
Nightal 20, 1371 Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 Scaramon's condition holds up well and he looks only slightly worse. As it approaches the evening the Party is surprised and ambushed by 4 Bugbears. In the initial attack Therrion is struck in the shoulder by a javelin and badly wounded. The ensuing melee is a close run thing, especially when Therrion falls unconscious from his horse. However, a few well placed arrows and blows see the Party victorious.
Nightal 21, 1371 Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 The Party Ride hard as they near Baldur's Gate and Scaramon's condition starts to deteriorate again. As they approach the city they meet a patrol of the Flaming Fist mercenary company led by Lieutenant Bordel who asks them questions about their business in Baldur's Gate. Guardedly the Party reply that they are going there to sell the extra horses.

While Elrad and Carandel took the extra horses to the stables located outside the walls of the city to sell them, Therrion and Scaramon rushed to find a temple. Asking a local they find the nearest Temple is being upgraded from a shrine and is a Temple to Helm, "The Watchful Shield". The Head Cleric, Quincy, agrees to cast the cure for an appropriate donation to the renovation fund of 200gps of which Scaramon gives him a downpayment gem of 50gp. He arranges with them to come back at midday tomorrow to have a Cure Disease spell cast.

The Party ask about accommodation and decide to check into The Blushing Mermaid in the Docks District. It is a shady establishment full of old sea dogs who know everything going on in the port and then some. Carandel checks out the Harbour Masters office and looks at a notice board advertising ships and passage. Unfortunately the boards are quite sparse in winter and those that are putting to sea have set destinations. Reporting back to the Inn, Carandel strikes up a conversation with Blind Pete, a local at the inn so named for his inability to see any inducement to talk until it is of a large enough size! Blind Pete knows of a ship, the Starspray, run by Captain Orodan who may be persuaded to undertake a journey in the winter months.

Carandel returns to the Party's room to let the others know what he has found out. Elrad and Carandel decide to go and see Captain Orodan while Therrion looks after an ailing Scaramon. The Captain listens to what they have to say and looks at their map. He then introduces them to his navigator Adangil who claims to know the area and shows them it on one of his charts. The "island" is in fact 3 spires of rock called "The Sahuagin Trident" and is avoided by shipping due to the danger from the Sahuagin that live in the area. Captain Orodan is nervous about travelling to the area but Carandel manages to persuade him to consider it. Captain Orodan puts forward a cost of 700gps and tactfully Carandel starts to explain that the Party do not have that sort of money at the moment. Unfortunately Elrad had his mind on other things and announces proudly, "Yes we do!". Carandel puts his head in his hands and Captain Orodan accepts with a large smile. The evening tide at 19h00 is selected for the departure.

After reporting back to The Blushing Mermaid and updating the others Carandel decides to try and find a sage and learn more about The Sahuagin Trident. He chooses to go alone. As he exits the Inn spots the three Netherese that the party met in The Way Inn at the end of Uktar, the same Netherese that the Party believe stole the Tear Keys from the wizard Delfen Yellowknife and are connected to those who were at Scorpion Hill. Carandel rushes into the in to alert the others and suggests that Elrad tails them to find out what they are up to. After waiting for the coast to clear Carandel sneaks off to find a sage, unfortunately his discussions reveal no major new information but does confirm Captain Orodan's assessment of the danger posed in that area.

Elrad easily sports the Netherese as he exits the Inn and tails them to a very exclusive inn called The Helm and Cloak. He decides to go in and look around but finds that the Inn has a "guests and their guests only" policy so has to book a room at the enormous cost of 25gp. Once in the in he is shown to his room but quickly comes downstairs to look around. He cannot see any sign of the Netherese so he enters the restaurant for the most expensive bowl of soup he has ever had. With still no sign of the Netherese he retires to the bar and lo' and behold their they are sat in the corner chatting to a lady wearing dark clothes and black leather armour. As Elrad watches the Netherese pay her with some gems and she leaves. Elrad chooses to follow her but she becomes aware of his presence and loses him in the narrow streets.

Disappointed but not downhearted he returns to The Blushing Mermaid but when he is half way across the bar room he notices the lady that was with the Netherese chatting to Blind Pete! Quietly he heads for the bar but rather unwisely asks for a glass of water which is the source of much loud amusement to the barkeeper. Elrad quickly changes the order to an ale and sits down close to the mysterious woman and Blind Pete. Although the mysterious woman does not look in his direction he thinks she is aware of him and she shifts her pose so that he cannot attempt to read her lips. Elrad does manage to catch Blind Pete mention the word "Starspray".

Elrad rushed back to The Helm and Cloak to keep and eye on the Netherese but after an awkward failed attempt to strike up a conversation with one of the wealthy patrons in the bar decides to pay his bill and leave to watch the inn from the shadows outside. After about half an hour in the cold he becomes aware that he is being watched. He walks round the the streets to shake the watcher but she manages to sneak up behind him and put a dagger to his throat! He realised it is the same mysterious woman that he was following earlier. She warns him clearly to leave town and that "independent" thieves are not welcome in Baldur's Gate. Then before Elrad can turn round she has disappeared.

Elrad reports back to the Party who are greatly concerned and decide to advance their leaving plans to the morning tide. Carandel visits Captain Orodan who agrees to the earlier departure but when asked to keep things secret explains that it may already be too late as the crew know of their destination and are out on the town. Carandel, now highly concerned, moves on to Quincy to ask if he can see Scaramon early in the morning. Quincy, not a man who likes arrangements changing at the last minute gives Carandel a sermon on manners before agreeing to the fresh arrangement.

On his return to The Blushing Mermaid Carandel discovers that the barkeeper who they dealt with in the afternoon has been taken ill and replaced. The Party fear that he may have been replaced deliberately and contemplate spending the night on the Starspray. In the end however they decide to stay put.
Nightal 22, 1371 Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 Early in the morning the Party see Quincy Cleric of Helm who cures Scaramon of the wasting disease, "Mummy Rot". It will take Scaramon quite a while to get back to full strength. The Party then collect their gear and make their way to the Starspray.