Nightal 17, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Nightal 17, 1371 Some Cloud. North Easterly breeze force 1 On waking in the Halfling Farmer Taran's home Scaramon cast an Identify spell to determine the magical properties of some of the items they had discovered so far. There followed a distribution of goods and a general discussion about what to do next, after which it was agreed that they should investigate the tomb as it may be connected to the tower and the risk of missing something important before moving on was too great.

Before their departure the Party were treated to a hearty breakfast and each given a bundle of fresh food for their journey back to Scorpion Hill. The Party warned Taran and Mirval that in all likelihood the Netherese would be coming back to Scorpion Hill and it may not be a good idea to be around when they do. Taran told the Party that he Mirval and he had already discussed moving to Triel for the Winter and thanked them for the warning. Before leaving the Party arranged with Taran to look after their goods and await their return.

Being only one hour's ride away the party arrived back at Scorpion Hill while the day was still young. An examination of the entrance to the Tomb showed that it was once covered rocks and mud that the Netherese had cleared away to gain access. Elrad very cautiously examined the entrance to the Tomb and eventually the doors were pushed open and before them were steep steps leading down about 10' and a large room beyond. The party wedged the doors open with a large rock on each side and carefully entered the tomb taking a great deal of care looking around. What they found was a 60' by 40' room supported by 8 columns, four on each side of the room in a line stretching from either side of the doorway. On each side of the room, set into the wall are 4 stone relief pictures, (8 in total). Each of the pictures displays a single knight clad in full armour with his favoured weapon. All the pictures are different. At the end of the room is a throne in which a skeletal figure sits with his hand on a greatsword. In front of the throne is a dead body. The ceiling is slightly arched and covered in white plaster on which is painted a magnificent scene of a man in full battle armour descending a flight of stairs with his entourage behind him. Oddly although the stairs are painted as if they are descending, the figures are going up into the clouds.

Elrad examines the body and determined that he was killed by a spike trap. Carefully he searches, finds that the trap is located in the stone throne and disarms it. A search of the throne reveals that the skeleton and sword are not real but made of plaster. While continuing to search the throne a stone button is found and after looking at it Elrad does not think it is trapped.

At this point Carandel, who has been examining the pictures of the knights mentions that he thinks that there is a space in the wall behind each picture. Elrad moves over to check a picture on the opposite side of the room to Carandel while Scaramon and Therrion discuss the button. Therrion and Scaramon agree to push the button and with a brief warning to the others, they quickly proceed.

Suddenly the pictures of the knights slide into the floor and behind each one a skeleton emerges to attack! At the same time a secret door "clicks" open behind the throne. Some of the Party are caught by surprise, notably Carandel who is standing next to a picture, (as is Elrad), when it opens. After a few blows are exchanged Therrion steps forward and invokes the power of Shaundakul to banish the Undead. At first the Skeletons ignore him but the second time he raises his holy symbol Shaundakul's power banishes the Undead and the Skeletons fall harmlessly to the floor.

The Party investigate the secret door with extreme caution and open it to reveal a set of steps descending about 10'. Despite being careful a fire trap is sprung as a rock is placed to keep the door wedged open. The steps lead to a bare 10' x 10' room.

The Party decide that the main tomb must still be here but hidden so every square inch of the tomb is searched and then searched again. Just as the Party are beginning to give up Carandel investigates the picture on the ceiling and by tapping it thinks that somehow there might be a room above. After much investigation reveals that the "hollow" area is about 10' wide and 30' long in the centre of the ceiling. The Party eventually decide to poke away at the plaster, despite the protests of Scaramon who does not want to see the beautiful picture that covers the ceiling destroyed. A chain is discovered at the end of the "hollow" area near the door and Elrad pulls it with all his strength. A set of stairs pivots down, tearing the plaster apart and nearly crushing Elrad who manages to roll out of the way just in time.

Again with great caution the party ascend the steps exiting to a room about 40' wide lined with columns on either side. While investigating two side passages a Mummy surprises Scaramon from behind landing a solid strike on his body. As the party react in combat the Mummy lands another powerful blow on Scaramon. Normal weapons do not appear to damage the Mummy and even Carandel's magic sword seems weak against it. Scaramon attacks the mummy with his torch but in the end a magic spell from Therrion drains the undead life from its body.

Elrad searches the side passages setting off a trap that fires a huge bolt through the party. Miraculously not one is hit and hurt. The side passages turn out to be a decoy, a trap to lure the unwary. At the end of the room atop some steps the party find an open sarcophagus and inside a bed of gold coins and jewels. As the party discuss divisions of treasure Carandel makes it clear that he wants no part of this horde as he is uncomfortable about the idea of further desecrating a tomb. It appears that the Tomb has no link to the tower.

The party return to Taran's farmhouse.