Uktar 22, 1371

Date Weather Narrative
Prior to Uktar 22, 1371 N/A Four friends living in Daggerford are members of the local Militia, (a requirement for all residents of Daggerford). Within the Militia they are also members of the same "Ride", being a unit of 4-6 Militia that work together. Until recently the leader of the Ride was a farmer called Malac, an experienced but down to earth member of the Militia and Daggerford community. On the 22 of Uktar 1371, Malac turned 36 and was no longer required to serve, (although all residents can be summoned in times of national emergency!). The four friends, without a replacement leader, are now facing militia life on their own.
Uktar 22, 1371 Overcast - Cold - Winds N:force 2 While on the morning watch of the town a wounded rider arrives. He is from the estate of Baron van Larsen which has been subject to a raid by Lizardman from the nearby Lizard Marsh. The Ride, (except for Elrad who overslept and failed to turn up for the morning watch), is dispatched by the Captain of the Militia, Sherlen Spearslayer, to provide immediate assistance while she gets Captain Gunalas to muster a larger force.

On arrival at the Barons stronghold the ride find out that the Barons son is dead, and that the Baron has lead some of his men into Lizard Marsh to exact vengeance. The Ride are begged by Piann, the Baron's wife, to catch him up and persuade him to return.

The Ride follow the Baron's trail but discover that he has been killed by Ceratosaurs and they fight a remaining wounded Ceratosaur to aid the last two survivors of the Baron's party.

The ride track the Lizardmen raiders deeper into the marsh to outside an old tower where they decide to ambush them. A brief but bloody battle sees the Ride victorious and they begin to explore the tower.