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Spider Sword "Araknis"

Author : Justin Unsworth

Description : This is a well made longsword with a spider design one each side of the blade nearest the hilt. On either end of the gold quillon is a round gold ball on top of which sits a tiny obsidian spider. The hilt is bound in a black leather grip bound with gold wire, and topped with gold ball shaped pommel.

Background : "Araknis" was a gift from Lloth to one of her servants. Despite this the sword in not inherently evil and some scholars believe that because of this the blade was not forged by Lloth or her servants. Where Lloth could have obtained the sword however remains a mystery.

Powers : The sword is +2 to hit and +2 damage. Whenever the wielder throws a natural 8 for damage the sword's special power is invoked. Webs shoot out from the spiders on each end of the quillon and hold the victim as per a web spell. While held by the web spell the sword will "drink" 1d12 hp's of blood each round until the victim reaches -10hps. Only when the sword has drunk it's fill will the webs potency wear off and the sword may be released normally. While held by the webs the victim has a -4 penalty to armour class and any other movement related activity, (To Hit Rolls, Spellcasting checks etc.). If the victim manages to break free of the webs, (or the wielder, wishes to free the sword), then the sword will Stop "drinking" and the webs lose their potency. The sword also confers the ability of Spider Climb on it's owner 1 x per day as if cast by a 10th level Wizard.