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Orb of Communication

Author : Justin Unsworth

Description : "Thufur" is a falchion and has a curved blade that widens to 5" at its far end. The blade appears ghostlike and insubstantial as if it is made of mist. To wield Thufur a magical gauntlet of red leather adorned with metal studs is required as without it "Thufur" cannot be picked up.

Background : "Thufur" was crafted in the Etherial plane as payment to a fighter called Trotskan from Calimshan. The pact made between a Baatezu Lord, (whose name is unknown), and Trotskan called for a +2 weapon with the ability to summon monsters. The Baatezu Lord, seeking to twist the nature of the contract, had the blade forged on the Etherial plane in such a way that it could not be picked up and used on any other plane. Trotskan was enraged and asked an old adventuring companion to help him. This wizard created the glove that enabled "Thufur" to be held. Trotskan then summoned the Baatezu Lord and fought him, intending to kill him with "Thufur" in an act of ironic justice. The Baatezu Lord proved too powerful and opponent for Trotskan and defeated him. Trotskan's soul was sucked from his body and taken to the Nine Hells. "Thufur" along with the glove and Trotskan's broken body was left in the summoning circle that Trotskan had prepared in the wilderness.

Powers : Thufur is only a +1 sword but it does not exist fully on this plane. It is connected to the Etherial plane and its ghostly appearance betrays this fact. Thufur ignores all armour when striking an opponent and thus for game purposes the opponents armour class should be calculated without any armour, (including shields). Magical armour will confer a bonus equal to armour class equivalent to its magic power, hence a fighter wearing +1 Chainmail with no Dex or other bonuses is normally AC16. When facing Thufur they will only be AC11. Additionally "Thufur" can cast Summon Monster III once per day. To activate this power the user must strike the ground and shout "COME FORTH!" If used on the Etherial plane the weapon does not appear "ghostly" and functions as a normal but +2 weapon.